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  • Architectural Space Planning

  • Construction Documentation

  • Construction Planning & Execution

  • Interior + Exterior Colour Selections

  • Custom Kitchen Design

  • Custom Laundry Design

  • Custom Bathroom Design

  • Joinery Design

  • the JOY edit  *need a little hand? see below for bite-sized deets 

  • the BBF  *are you a Builder? see below. Studio Joy can help

  • Custom Window Treatments 

  • Furniture Concepts + Styling

  • Upholstery, Rugs + Soft Furnishings

  • Styling + Objects

  • Art Curation

  • Finishes + Fittings Schedules (F+F)


We create refined home spaces that embody their inhabitants and we seek to tell each of our clients' unique stories. 


Studio Joy can provide a full end-to-end interior design service for new builds and renovations, and specialise in the selection of colour, materials and hard finishes. Our interior decoration service can furnish entire homes or single rooms and we can curate your existing pieces to layer with the new.


Art selection is our passion and our speciality, and we effortlessly provide our clients' with access to incredible local, and international artists across all mediums.


Studio Joy's core value is that beauty and functionality should go hand in hand and our projects bring a relaxed elegance to the spaces our clients' use the most.


We have access to amazing suppliers who provide us with all of the latest design elements and have trade contacts for appliances and white goods. 

Kitchens, bathroom and laundry spaces are a passion of ours and we love creating resolved designs that are tailored to every aspect of our client's lives. 

Full service concept design, design development and construction documentation by the Studio Joy team allows our clients to enjoy the process of renovating and we proudly produce beautiful spaces to be enjoyed for years to come.  

the JOY edit.

Do you already have the design, but can't pull it all together stylistically?


This is where our materials edit comes in. We help edit what you have, and introduce you to our beautiful samples library.


Our team get firsthand looks into the freshest supplier chain offerings and Studio Joy adore finishes and fittings. Tap ware, tiles, lighting, flooring - we live and breathe these materials and have a stable of incredible suppliers at our fingertips.. We put together beautifully cohesive schemes and offer packages to suit any budget.

End the showroom overwhelm and let


the JOY edit


give you back your weekends.  


Studio Joy wants your space to reflect your brand, and we understand the unique requirements of commercial fit outs.. We design with the practical at the forefront and take the time to understand what it is your business needs from the the space. We have a stable of trusted and reliable trades who we are proud to work with and we have a collaborative approach to our work. 

Our design team offer construction documentation, project planning and execution within the time constraints that commercial projects are under. 

Elegant, unique and always exciting, we would love to discuss your next project with you. 


*the bbf

Studio Joy work closely with builders in procuring gorgeous finishes + fittings schedules.


We see so often, a talented builder being let down by minimal interior design knowledge.. Cohesive material schemes are a speciality of Studio Joy and our eye for colour and materiality can elevate your building business.


Builders who retain Studio Joy to put together their materials selections get more clients. and we can help with a cost-effective solution.


Call us. 

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